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Put God First....

Be Humble and Hungry 

We believe that the difference between success and failure isn’t talent; 
it’s hunger. There is always room for improvement, and we strive each 
day to be better than the day before. We are focused on our goals, 
but we remain grounded and committed to the work it takes to achieve them.

Honor Commitments 
We assume responsibility for our decisions, actions, 
and the quality of our products and services. 

We Do What We Say We Will 
For each other internally, for our customers, and for our 
direct brand partners.  We vow to be reliable, trustworthy, 
and to act with integrity and respect.

Embrace Change 
We are comfortable being uncomfortable. 
We pay attention to the new and evolving needs of our 
customers and industries.  We constantly seek to create new and 
better ways to serve you. We believe that bold new ideas 
are what drive our company and industry forward.

Protect the Planet
We seek to manage our business in a way that protects the environment and 
preserves the earth’s natural resources.  There is always a “cleaner and greener” 
way to do things, and we choose that route whenever possible across 
sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery.

Win as a Team
Successful teamwork requires listening, 
sharing resources and ideas, and keeping an open mind. 
When someone is stuck, we rally to get them unstuck. 
When something awesome happens, we all get in on the celebration. 
We can only WIN when we do it together!
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